kalup linzy.

Embedding disabled, so please click here > Kalup Linzy + James Franco – Rising

Just a quick update before I finish pinball pt 2. I think this fits nicely in the middle somewhere.

Somewhere between the realms of commercial culture and formal culture, Kalup Linzy has forged a path, lined with the idioms of drag performance, music videos, soap operas and gallery openings. Keeping up with the immediate half-life of culture in the present paradigm, Linzy combines parody and pastiche in a way that distends the referent loop of culture. Working in both galleries and gigging as a musician in nightclubs, Linzy literally walks the world in two sets of shoes.

The collaboration with James Franco in “Rising” & “Turn it Up” is a perfect compliment; the two work on opposite sides of the same coin. As Kalup Linzy is an artist wrenching in the machine of celebrity, James Franco is a celebrity bleeding into the art world. By extending and distorting the bracket of “celebrity” and identity-as-brand, Linzy and Franco operate in the liminality between formal culture and popular culture.

Finally, evidence that the two have collapsed into each other. Maybe the separation isn’t even worth discussion anymore. Maybe (finally) the twain shall meet.


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